The Board & Staff of the IWRC

Left to right back row: Deborah Davis, Judy Gilbert, Kym Edinborough-Capuska (Women's Counsellor), Thora Palson, Cheryl Johnson, Mika Hacking, Pat Green

Left to right front row: Karen Thorkelson, Jennifer Campbell Moore (Director & Women's Counsellor), Patricia Valgardson

Missing from picture: Carmen Jonasson, Penny Helgason (Child/youth Counsellor), Janice Knutson (admin)

Board of Directors

Chairperson (s): Karen Thorkelson, Patricia Valgardson

Vice Chairperson: Vacant

Treasurer: Mika Hacking

Secretary: Thora Palson

Community Representatives: Carmen Jonasson, Judy Gilbert, Cheryl Johnson, Deborah Davis, Pat Green