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Peer Support Phone

Here to listen.

Tuesday and Friday evenings.

6:00pm to 9:00pm

Please note that this is not a replacement for therapy or medical attention. If this is an emergency, do not call the peer support phone line. Call 911 or the 24 Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line (Toll Free) at 1-877-977-0007

This service is for you if: 

- You need someone to listen. 

- You need help figuring out what to do next. 

- You need to cry. 

- You don't know who else to call. 

We are peers who have lived experience with mental illness and domestic violence. We are here to help you by holding space for what you're going through and by helping you to figure out next steps. We do not keep records of your information, your call is completely confidential. 

Reach out by calling (204) 407-6233. Please do not call outside of these hours, there will not be a volunteer available to take your call.


Want to learn more? Reach out! 

If this is an emergency, please call 911 or the 24 Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line at 1-877-977-0007.

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