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A Space of Our Own

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This is a supportive space for people who use the word "woman" to define themselves (or a part of themselves) to gather together and share their lived experience. 

This space was created by women and non-binary people for women across the gender continuum in response to the need in our community for support during the COVID-19 pandemic. In times of crisis and stress, we often forget that the most simple thing we can do to feel better is to connect. A Space of Our own provides women with a safe, controlled space to come together, learn, and share with one another. Genderqueer and Two Spirit folks who resonate in part with the experience of being a woman are welcome and encouraged to gather with us, we welcome and respect your pronouns and lived experience.


We are able to provide programming thanks to the generous support of the Interlake Community Foundation, the Fund for Gender Equality, Community Foundations of Canada, and the Government of Canada.

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All messages will be answered on Mondays and Fridays. For urgent inquiries, please contact the IWRC directly at (204) 642-8264.

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