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Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of The Interlake Women's Resource Centre Inc. is to provide services and programs for women living in or having left domestic violence relationships in order to support them in making informed and healthy choices for themselves and their children. 


The purpose of the Centre is to provide front-line services to abused women and their children. These services include and are not limited to crisis intervention, information and referral, advocacy, single and group counselling, and outreach programs. The Centre works with outside resources in order to ensure a continuum of service. The individuals utilizing the Centre identify their needs which in turn, determine the programs and services of the Centre. 

Beliefs and Principals

1. Individuals should not be forced to remain in an abusive or violent environment due to the lack of a safe alternative. 

2. Individuals have a right to receive services in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. 

3. Individuals have a right to receive services that respect confidentiality and their right to privacy. 

4. Individuals have the right to receive services that are sensitive to and respect their cultural and linguistic heritage, spiritual beliefs, physical capabilities, and sexual orientation. 

5. Individuals have the right to be informed of alternatives and to make self-determined choices for their own life situation. 


The mandate of the Centre is to provide crisis intervention services and programs to women living in abusive relationships. These services will provide assistance to women and children through individual, information and referral, and support group counselling. Such counselling shall be offered on a voluntary, private, and confidential basis, with emphasis on peer support, interaction, and self-help. Counselling shall be provided with the intent for the client to establish personal goals and develop a means of reaching those goals. 

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